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STEPHEN M. RIOS Attorney at Law

I have been a solo law practitioner for about 36 years in Orange County focusing on family law and criminal defense type cases .

My staff is small and at times I feel overwhelmed with our caseload. During one of these moments I was fortunate to discover Nichole Nabavi, a highly trained Paralegal with a bachelors degree in criminal justice.

I am in court at least three times a week always having several matters on Calendar when I go to court. It was such a relief to begin to work with Nicole who from the beginning knew how to properly assume a case project, organize a file, and quickly identify issues that needed to be addressed in order to give our clients the most outstanding court room results.
Not only is she very smart in the area family law, she is very familiar with the family code, California Code of Civil Procedure as well as the California Civil Code. Her technical skills are awesome as she demonstrated by her easy work with the computer and various programs as well as judicial counsel forms . She has a very fast turnaround time on assignments and projects ,and they are all finished and completed in fine form. So much of our litigation/trial work requires extreme attention to detail and knowledge of complicated discovery procedures. Nichole can breeze through these assignments with ease and deliver a fine polished product.

I would like to conclude my testimonial by noting how ethical Nicole is in her work, always protecting the client and her contract attorney as well. I only wish that Nicole could work full-time in my office. My life would be so much easier. I highly recommend Ms. Nabavi to any family law attorney that needs a right hand, go to ,get it done type of paralegal.

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