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Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement. In mediation, parties work together in a non-adversarial process facilitated by the mediator to understand their different perspectives on the problem and collaborate to find a solution that can work for both of them. Mediation allows parties to focus on their unique set of circumstances and explore creative solutions in areas of disagreement.

Mediation Process

At  OC Best divorce we help the parties with a quick and easy way to resolve their dispute outside of court or at least before trial.  Through the knowledge and skills that only come from two decades of experience in the legal system, certified mediator, Nicole Nabavi, meets with  parties to facilitate a non-adversarial, collaborative process aimed at finding a mutually agreeable solution to the underlying dispute. Ms. Nabavi will not function like a judge and will not impose a solution on either party. The parties are always free to walk away. However, as your mediator, Nicole Nabavi will not only help each party understand the other side’s perspective; she will also help the parties explore creative solutions to their disagreement in a manner that is informed by many years of experience handling similar disputes. 

Once the parties have reached an agreement at mediation, the mediator puts it all in writing using an “Agreement Form”. Depending on the wishes of the parties, the  agreement may be binding and therefore admissible in court or nonbinding and informal (note however that some situations will require filing paperwork with the court). Similarly, the parties have the option of keeping the terms of their agreement confidential. Every case is different and the parties can rely on the mediator’s experience to explore the variety of options that they have to mutually agree to. In all cases, the mediation process is confidential and therefore will have no impact on litigation in the event that no agreement is reached. 

Mediation is a popular option for resolving legal disputes because it is not only more amicable than going to court; it is usually also much faster and much cheaper. Mediation sessions can vary in length depending on the nature of the dispute and the willingness of the parties to resolve their differences. However, they often range from two to three hours. Meanwhile litigation can often require more than that much time in attorney billable hours just to attend one of multiple hearings–and that is not even factoring in trial. 

We at OC Best Legal have the experience and qualifications to help resolve your dispute without having to resort to the time, expense, and emotional investment that litigation often requires. Even if you have begun litigating your case, the services of a skilled mediator like Nicole Nabavi can provide all parties with a solution they will readily agree to instead of allowing matters to escalate further. It is no wonder mediation has become a popular approach to resolving legal disputes of every kind. 

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